About Me

 So About Me....
     My name is Amber Kinsey, or Amber K for short.  I live in the Midwest, with dreams of eventually moving out west.  I think I was made for the desert, I hate winter and snow.  My husband and I have been together since we were in high school, trust me it's been a lot longer that what it may appear in the above picture! I've been with him over half of my entire life so far... Next to my family, art is my biggest love in life.
     Since I was a little girl I have always made things, drew, painted, sewn little clothes for my Barbie dolls or friendship bracelets for my close friends.  As I got older it was my dream to become an art teacher, but that didn't happen.  One thing I have come to learn is that there will always be detours, bends and forks in life's path.  But honestly, if it was a straight path and we went from point A to point B quickly, wouldn't life be boring? It's all those trials that make us who we are.  So here I am today, not regretting a single decision I have ever made.  Embracing life as it comes to me, and all my detours have landed me back to my love of art.  I hope you enjoy your visits to my blog!